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アルバム「Cloudy Glasses」リリース記念日

    水都唯のアルバム「Cloudy Glasses」から、
    Batten Songの歌詞をGET!

    Batten Song

    Let's make a show of power!
    We are the children of earth.
    We are dug up from under the ground 
    like the rare- earth element.

    Input anything into the ball,then we'll
    study something to do everything.
    If there is the malfunction,
    we can repair and restore it at all.

    Still in the dark, even in the night,
    we can fly with ultrasonic waves.
    No need to feign to be free. Just
    be in free. Be free itself.

    Flutter around the constellation.
    No thanks for the wow and flutter.
    Groove the motors and spin the wheel.
    We gonna look for the mother of caos.

    Let's celebrate these red letter days!
    We are the miracles indeed.
    It's incredible for everybody, so
    mitochondria keeps moving us.

    Reforestation's going on to
    produce everything - money,oxygen.
    If here comes the sunshine ray,
    air will fill the green and clean.

    Under favorable auspice, you know,
    we can fly at supersonic speed.
    No need to have a poor song.
    Become the song, song itself.

    Drop the tear to the joy of woods.
    No thanks for the words of no utility.
    Pray for yourself and play in the mind.
    We gonna meet to the brother of soul.
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